So I moved to Minneapolis. My heart is still sore from leaving my DC students and colleagues (heck, I still miss my LA folks every. single. day.) but I’m immersing myself in the business at hand until the ache is less acute. For now, that business is teaching some wonderful young musicians at the […]

Benning and Blackerby- a traveling cellist’s best friends.

Flying with any instrument is a challenge. Flying with a huge instrument is a HUGE challenge, especially with the bizarro security antics going on around the country. So when I excitedly accepted my cousin’s request to play for her wedding (love theme from the Princess Bride, natch), the first thing I did was contact my […]

Teaching your first lesson

I like to prod as many students into teaching as possible, and I thought that it might be nice to back up my dare with some pointers to help you. 1) As a rule, have twice the experience of the potential student, unless you have been playing more than 10 years, or the person is […]

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