Striking out.

Ryan Howard is a baseball powerhouse. He’s led the majors in things like slugging and home runs, and is known as a Big Bat, for good reason. If you’re not a Philly fan, you probably just feel a little uncomfortable when he’s up against your team. If you’re a Philly fan, there’s a different dynamic […]

The Audition.

This is what my life has been like recently. Everything always happens at once, but of course the audition has been the focus of my efforts. So last week, I did it. After practicing for months, chronicling my process, I woke up early and made my way down to the hall to see how my […]

My hero.

By now, most of you know who this guy is. In case you don’t, he’s Jim Joyce, the umpire who, if you believe the media who like to speak in catchphrases, “blew a perfect game” for Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga. He’s my new favorite figure in sports, with Galarraga close behind in second. The […]

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