music doctor

I still keep a paper calendar. Then, at the end of a year, no matter what sort of tire fire I’ve created, I can physically leaf through the months and see that I was doing stuff. Even if, like these past few months, stuff is less like swashbuckling and more like maintaining the car and […]

Egg Sandwich and the case of the Jalapeno Popper

When I stayed with CelloGirl in Atlanta, I reveled the famously warm Southern hospitality: the weather was balmy, the city felt familiar and welcoming, and nearly every morning I was treated to an egg sandwich, CelloGirl style. There are an infinite number of variations, but here are the basics: 1. put an english muffin in […]

Rehabbing a busted arm

This morning, I played 100 notes on the cello. If this is the first time you’re reading my blog, that might sound like amateurish bragging. For SRCB veterans who know that it’s been less than a month since I had my ulnar nerve removed from the epicondyle tunnel and sewn back under my forearm muscle […]

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