Human Potential, by Stephen Wiltshire

We hear a lot about musical savants, but this guy’s gifts of perception are staggering. It does beg the tantalizing question of whether we have these abilities within ourselves but lose them as we try to become more convenient personalities for the rest of the world to deal with. As a side note, since this […]

Home before I know it.

Back in Rome again, with some random pictures from my week in Cacciano. Here’s Davi, a new friend. Looking down on the old castle streets. Everything they say about the Tuscan light is true. The lovely Rocio, about to play Brahms. Note the magic pants. Mimi and Janette working with Jocelyne on her Hindemith. So […]

Postcards from the terrace

So far, so good, friends. The program I am taking part in is run by Mimi Zweig, the esteemed (yet not at all stuffy) professor of violin at Indiana University, along with piano/chamber music colossus Jeannette Koekkoek, a close friend and colleague of hers. The participants are vioinists and violists…and me. We’re teachers, all interested […]

my blog, now with 115% more jet lag

Ciao from Rome! It’s nice that the folks at IMA Tuscany found a cello for me to use. An unexpected tribulation: my bow case doesn’t fit in my suitcase and caused nearly as much consternation in the terminal and aboard as my cello itself! And without the charm of whipping it out to calm the […]

due giorni

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I recently asserted (after a long period of not much tweeting) that my life is on fire. And indeed it is. I’ll have more details later in the fall, but for the next two weeks I’m hoping to put all of the heavy stuff on the […]

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