new directions in creepy medical imaging

Preface: unless you are an MD with extensive experience treating chronic pain, do not comment with a diagnostic or treatment plan, or encourage me to do things like  forego gluten or try transcendental meditation. If you do, so help me gods, I will organize a withering stream of DNS attacks on your site, and will […]

the long and (re)winding road, part 3

A slight rewind. On October 20, 1997, my parents and I were in a car accident. They had come into LA to celebrate my birthday, and as we crossed Nordhoff St. on Etiwanda Ave., an octogenarian having a diabetic seizure ran the red light and slammed into the side of our car. It was a […]

the long and winding road, part 2

Pictured: Cathy and Doug (middle two) on their wedding day. Oxford, England, 1967. Part 2. Through high school, things got worse. My parents had Kaiser, so I was confined to the Kaiser system, and I don’t think they even considered going outside for other opinions. It’s possibly a generational thing; they trust doctors implicitly, no matter how […]

the long and winding road, part 1

I had a lot of time to think, driving back and forth from Heartland SCOR this weekend. It’s about 12 hours round trip from Minneapolis to Le Claire, Iowa. This picture was taken after nearly running out of gas in a cornfield 20 miles down a long dusty road. I got off the highway because […]

music doctor

I still keep a paper calendar. Then, at the end of a year, no matter what sort of tire fire I’ve created, I can physically leaf through the months and see that I was doing stuff. Even if, like these past few months, stuff is less like swashbuckling and more like maintaining the car and […]


I’ve been largely resting my arm since February, playing with students and practicing in 20 minute increments. Although it hurt after each session, it would quickly fade and seemed receptive to the usual tendinitis protocol. Writing work has picked up, and of course, typing hurts, too. I’m trying to edit before I compose. You tell […]

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