HotLanta workshop!

This is starting to be a habit! For the third year running, I’m being hosted by Ann and the Atlanta Cello Project. This time around, I’ll be talking about memorization, offering tips, and passing along some handy information about short, long-term, and working memory that I’ve been studying over at Hopkins. While the entire emerging […]

Egg Sandwich and the case of the Jalapeno Popper

When I stayed with CelloGirl in Atlanta, I reveled the famously warm Southern hospitality: the weather was balmy, the city felt familiar and welcoming, and nearly every morning I was treated to an egg sandwich, CelloGirl style. There are an infinite number of variations, but here are the basics: 1. put an english muffin in […]

Back to LA, for now

Today is my last day in Atlanta. It was strange to watch the Oscars more than a few miles from the Kodak Theatre, but that’s something I’ll have to get used to if I am planning on making the move to DC this summer. It’s interesting: when I think of leaving Los Angeles, part of […]

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