Want to know what some people are saying about lessons with Emily?


Lessons with Emily are always inspiring!  I could be cross-eyed from staring at a ridiculously impossible Popper Etude…she will uncross my eyes and suddenly those 64th notes will look like half notes to me.  I could be overwhelmed with trying to learn Harold In Italy for the next orchestra rehearsal…an hour with her and we would have tackled the movement and she would have me actually excited about working it up to speed (yes, really!)  Emily is the first teacher to really teach me how to practice.  I leave my lessons armed with a million ideas on how to practice for the next lesson.  She is patient, energetic and always creative in her teaching.  What more could you ask for in a teacher?

-Kim O, Atlanta.


For an anniversary gift, my husband surprised me with a cello…and not only that… Lessons with the divine Emily. Never having played a musical instrument before and being an older student ( I almost said “mature” but that’s not right) I soon realized that playing the cello isn’t as easy as it looks. But Emily made it all fun and helped me to keep at it. I always got so much more than a lesson about  playing the cello. Her sense of humour, great heart, and joie de vivre  were always delightful and inspiring. I miss her very much.

-Nancy L, Los Angeles


Emily Wright is an amazing cello teacher and musician and I would recommend her to anyone interested in playing the cello.  When I met Emily, I was a returning adult student and it was critical for me to find someone who had very solid technique as well as a wide breadth of experience.  Emily was perfectly suited in both areas.  Her intuitive grasp of my needs, goals and expectations led to amazing developments in my playing.  She combines tried-and-true practice methods, careful attention to technique and an amazing low-pressure attitude to create an unparalleled learning environment.  Most importantly, Emily’s true heart for teaching can be seen in the individual attention she gives to each one of her students and their respective lessons.  Thanks to Emily, I’m now pursuing a masters degree in cello performance!

-Jeremy B, Los Angeles