March Jumble!

Been a little quiet here, but not because there’s been nothing going on. Late in February, I gave a talk to EMSO, a fabulous group of focused and hardworking amateur musicians in Minnesota. Preparing for seminars like these forces you to be concise and well considered. Putting together some PDFs to accompany the presentation, I … Read more

new podcast episode: what’s a professional musician, anyway? With Jeremy Boersma

Part of an ongoing series! Next one will feature two ladies who went to music school and fit the bill of “professional musician” but make most of their money doing other things. Why is the label important? Why is this stuff so fraught- for traditionally trained musicians as well as serious amateurs? We WILL figure … Read more

vibrato thoughts

I have had exactly one (1) student who just took to vibrato naturally, right off the bat. For everyone else, myself included, the process leans towards a months-long series of conceptual introductions, tweaks, and assessments. I teach the rotation method, albeit one that has some flexibility if students don’t respond well to it. This is … Read more

much better merch!

I’m adding more stuff to the new TeePublic shop all the time. Don’t be fooled by the name: it’s not just tees (although I chose them specifically because their shirts are soft and excellent quality- I was a customer before I opened a shop there). It’s also totes, mugs, wall art, phone cases, magnets, stickers, … Read more

2021 project

2020 was a year of extremes. While my finances have rarely been so dire, I have also rarely felt so supported. With virtually everything at a standstill, a vision for what I want the middle third of my career to look like came into sharp view. While I’m waiting for the logistical side of things … Read more

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