Keep in mind I am making fun of the art direction and not the models themselves. Lord knows they were only doing what they were told. This was supposed to be a lovely slideshow instead of some 1998 Netscape mismatched image hash, but apparently my WP theme is not up to the challenge of multiple size images. So, while I shop for a better client for image hosting, please enjoy. 🙂


jazz flute solo


Kevins remarkable x-ray vision, though handy, eventually killed him.


This proto-Renaissance/archery/old timey cigarette holder bow technique is so important. Bartered Bride sounds GREAT

I have concern for her little eardrums

attack of cello Slash

soooo sleeeepy PS same instrument/bow as cello Slash HOLY GOD LOOK AT THE BRIDGE

how do you smoke this


just consider where the photographer had to be to get this shot

a stunning example of why you should not stare at your left hand when playing

another peace pipe flutist

out of frame, an obiost joins her in a stirring rendition of Dueling Banjos

I can hear the ocean

Is this…the same person?

Not sure why, but I feel like she may actually be a horn player and they are just making her do silly things.

this safety pin is too big