After getting lots of emails asking for a retreat or other such event, I’ve only gotten 2 people saying they’re more likely than not to come to the tentative event in Middleburg. I know it’s tough because I have only the roughest dates (Jan-March), but without enough interest, I can’t book dates and plan stuff. Because cello is a noisy activity, the folks at Wellbourne would not be able to book any other clients while our retreat is happening, so I need 7-8 people to raise their hands soon, otherwise it gets scrapped.

Alternatively, I can come visit a group of cellists (3 or more is nice, so we can do some ensemble stuff) anywhere in the country- all I need is plane fare, lodging (sorry, not staying in a guest room) and an instrument to borrow. My fee is by donation, as you have the ability to pay and feel the experience is worth.

Just something to think about.