I’m all over the map (in more ways that one) but thought that I should still try to do roughly one post a day. Here’s what I’ve got for y’alltoday:


1. Shipping my car back to CA and buying a clunker in MD is cheaper than registering the thing here and getting new tags. True!


2. I’m noticing really zesty names for fabric softeners. I just bought one called something like “exotic spice dare” and used to use “apple mango tango”. It’s only a matter of time before they come out with “sex panther” or “brazilian heat” or “doing it at the laundromat”.


3. Although it’s still hot as blazes, I can see the beginnings of autumn light, and that makes me happy.


4. I have no idea where I’ll be living in a month. I’m doing my best impersonation of someone who is exhilarated by this prospect, but may also be singlehandedly keeping the single malt Scotch importers in business in the process.


5. My friends on Twitter are amazing. The past year and a half has left me feeling rootless, but these people have been a supportive presence in my life for a few years now- I carry them in my pocket, and someone is always around to talk me down from the ledge.


6. My book is now on Shar! (and Amazon, iBooks, sort of Barnes and Noble.com and of course on Lulu.) The second volume is nearly done, content-wise, but I think I should go for more standard publishing and distribution this time. Thoughts?


7. There is no seventh thing. (an homage to Monty Python)