I was at a party last night where we were discussing all of our respective job situations and future plans. With about 2 weeks until my Hopkins studies are ostensibly done, the situation is getting, to put it lightly- zesty. Anyone who’s read this blog for more than a hot minute will attest that my life is pretty much a continual game of 52 card pick-up, with change being the primary constant. I may have raised an eyebrow or seven when I assured them that I am the luckiest person I know. Things will work out.

It’s not bragging: it’s more “credit where credit is due”, and that credit goes largely to a benevolent universe that never lets me suffer for long. Sure, I work my ass off. But so do lots of people who do not benefit from these mysterious smilings of the unseen.

Need more proof? How about July 14th! Not only is it Bastille Day, but I’m on a dream lineup at Black Cat in DC, where BRB (the songwriter I play with) is opening up for two of my favorite bands: Office of Future Plans and Hammer No More the Fingers, both of which also feature cello! It’s like some kind of rock/geek party, and I’m just stoked to have been invited to play.


PS: The other cellists are Gordon Withers and Leah Gibson. Good company, peeps.



PPS: Adorable 52 card pick-up monster from this blog.