Day 2 (my last) of Cosi Fan Tutte: “some assembly required” is upon us. I spaced and forgot my USB cable, so none of the nicer real camera photos are going to be up until I get back to Brooklyn at the earliest. More likely, I’ll post them when I get back to MD.

A couple of observations for the scant few who may stagger across this page in these, the ebbing days of the music blogging world:

1. I really like playing the cello. Like a whole lot.

2. I really like New York. Like a whole lot.

3. I miss Lucy.

4. I sleep better in the city than in the country.

5. Toll roads are shockingly expensive. About $30 each way.

Picture taken at Birch Coffee. Try the toasted almond iced tea and the insane Tokyo drip if you’re ever there.