I was watching SportsCenter this morning and found myself unexpectedly cheered by the sight of Giants pitcher Barry Zito. No, I haven’t traded in my allegiance to the Phillies. It was his socks.

Allow me to explain. There are certain things that trigger huge swells of complicated, wonderful emotions for most of us. The fact that most of the Giants sport the very traditional, pulled-up, this-here-is-a-uniform look gave me such a twinge of nostalgia! Hot dogs with my dad, the sound of Vin Scully’s voice in late spring, good sportsmanship, sobbing in disbelief when my beloved Phils won the series a few years back. For some reason, this look doesn’t do it for me, even though my team tends to sport a more “sweatpants” look, themselves. I really can’t moan too much: I happen to enjoy sweatpants. No wonder people don’t experience huge swells of nostalgia when they see me. Maybe I should wear knee socks. I’ll try that and report back.

Anyway, I started thinking about other things that provide disproportionate levels of goodness, and I came up with the following, and encourage you to do the same. Even searching my mind for them left me with a residual grin.

1. The sound of an orchestra tuning, then the swift decrescendo and the conductor’s footsteps.

2. The smell of old books.

3. Hearing a song you haven’t heard in 15 years and remembering all of the words.

4. Having #3 happen and the other person in the car sings along with you.

5. A good cup of coffee.

6.  Cat paws.

7. The sound of tires crunching on gravel.

8. Beating the meter maid to your car.

9. The smell of pipe smoke.

10. Hearing a child say “Thank you.”

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Photo: Getty Images.