I’ve been secretive about book #2, but I suppose it won’t hurt to divulge the general idea: it’s a series of études for the repertoire, designed to help cellists on their first passes through some of the hallmark pieces . Remember the Élegie triplet clinic? (yes, I know it’s gone.  I’m waiting for someone to put the player back up) Well, it’s like that, for:

The Swan
Saint Saens, Lalo, Haydn C and D, Dvorak concerti
Élegie and Sicilienne
Rococo Variations
Brahms Sonatas
Preludes to Bach suites

and more. I think there may be one for more intermediate pieces, like

Danse Rustique and Tarantella
Allegro Appassionato
Vivaldo double concerto

and so on.

I want your input on what to include, and if there are specific measures that vex you, please include the numbers, too.

Photo from Stanford, home of the arguably the best non-USC mascot in the world.