Things are starting to take shape, so I would like to officially announce my East coast teaching tour! If you’re in the DC area, PA, the Carolinas or Atlanta, hit me up at tour(at)emilywright(dot)net.

If you haven’t participated in an Emily tour yet, here’s the drill:

1) I offer private lessons one day and a seminar/group practice on another. Depending on who is attending, we’ll come up with a useful topic that will be appropriate for everyone involved. Beginners, have no fear! My advanced students are always working on fundamentals, as am I. Please participate!

2) I need about 6 participants in each city in order to consider it for a stop. Tuition is reasonable!

3) I am willing to barter to cover your tuition, so if you can offer me a discounted/free:

-rental car
-hotel room

Let me know. Click below for general information and pricing.

Tentative dates are March 1-8 2010. Starting in DC/Baltimore, working my way down to Atlanta, if possible. The amazing peeps of the Atlanta Cello Project are always wonderful, so I’m really going to try and get down there on this visit. If it ends up not working out in March, then you can be sure I’ll be around sooner rather than later. Still: let’s see if we can get some participation! I’m researching venues right now, and always appreciate all the help I can get in that department. I will be in Baltimore interviewing at Johns Hopkins, and they may also be able to accommodate us, depending on if I manage not to offend them too badly. If I get enough interest from an area, I will make a stop! So tell your friends, your private teachers (whom I would love to meet and talk shop with) and random people on the street who seem cello-y.

It’s on!