I had gotten a lot of requests for my arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner, so I thought, “This morning, I’ll notate it and put it up. Won’t that be nice?”

Of course, since it involved FAILnale Finale software, I had to write some stuff in, like the counterpoint lines. Perhaps it is possible with my current edition of this ghastly application, but I could not figure it out. I think I’m fairly adept at this stuff, having worked as a copyist over the course of a few summers, but maybe I’m living a lie. I sure do a lot of stupid stuff after all, like purchasing Finale. I’m sure some rep from the company could write me a terse email about how to do it and all I have to do is control option click double tab space alt F2 and it would work, but I am really fed up with software that is like some badge of valor to learn how to use.

Let’s leave those badges to the magnificent men and women we celebrate today. I dare say a Happy Veterans Day to you all. Not because serving the United States is all fun and games, but because the whole reason the military exists is to protect us from those who would compromise our chance at “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. I consider myself fortunate to live in a place where those values are held in such deep regard that they are part of the founding tenet of the land. Our country is complicated and oft divided. Thank you, Veterans, for doing the things that are asked of you, no matter how difficult or unpopular they are.