I’m going to try this with a slightly more cogent approach this time.

AAAAAAAA!! Another teaching tour!

I’m thinking March: South Carolina to DC/Baltimore to PA to Manhattan.

The plan is to have two teaching days in each city: one day of private lessons, one day with a group class, with another day for seeing old friends, meeting other cellists, and checking out the scene.

I’m also looking for sponsors. Based on my last trip, I’m going to contact the companies that made things easy for me. Short of getting a tattoo, I’ll do any advertising a rental car company, airline (the one I love rhymes with Get Glue) or other benevolent provider of money, goods or services asks me to do! The only thing that prevents me from doing more tours is lack of sponsors! The tremendous support and organization of readers, teachers and cello clubs always helps me find plenty of wonderful, enthusiastic cellists.

Then I’m thinking May, Midwest. MO, IA, MN. Straight shot due north. Maybe some Indiana to visit the wonderful Mimi Zweig. Oh yeah.