It’s a time-honored back to school tradition: you go around the classroom, and each kid gives a summary of summer vacations and other activities. Mine was the same every year, fantastically. We drove across the country and then I went to Idyllwild. (Now you know where the road warrior in me comes from. Once you go from Tulsa to Riverside in 20 hours straight, 12 hours to New Mexico seems like an effortless jaunt)

So here’s this summer, in my finest stick figures.

I played some movie gigs and rock shows.

Aah yes. The annual Student Summer Drop-Off.

I mulled over a Master’s degree and went into overdrive on the book, which is now completed and being formatted.

I went to Italy and (the much lovelier in person) Mimi Zweig bolstered my teaching chops.

But you know me…