I have been working on this monster epic post, and it’s about to crush me! As you can guess from the title, it’s about music and sports, the two things I love just about as much as anything.* Trying to describe, let alone sell reluctant classical music types on the whole-grain goodness of sports in one blog is like trying to learn the Bach Suites in one go. I guess it’s possible, but I ain’t seen it done. So, the first in a series. Some serious, some not so serious. My main tenet is that sports and music have one pivotal thing in common: the place they touch inside of us. From tenderness to bravado and back again through the ridiculous, both music and sports provide us with a chance to touch upon the staggering potential for human goodness.

Exhibit A: Sports can be really silly.

I love mascots. There is something really great about knowing there’s a grown man or woman in an oversized suit, freaking out all over the place just to make you laugh. Piney, Stanford’s mascot, is hilarious. Although the whole Stanford band is notoriously ill mannered, it’s a test for the other teams to see if they can laugh as an 8 ft tall pine tree (sometimes a Palm, when playing an LA school) spews propaganda and takes potshots at the school through a megaphone. I can handle it because:

It’s a 19 year old dressed like a pine tree!

Here’s a close up of said tree, in a SportsCenter ad. I like how haphazardly he is thrown together.

The natural enemy of the Tree appears to be the Cal Bear.

So this is the Tampa Bay Lightning mascot, out to get people on spring break. I think I have seen this clip about 500 times. Best part is the laughing kids. And the kicking sand.

Washington Nationals thought it might be funny to have “Racing Presidents”. Here are the try outs. Watch it and try not to laugh, Mr. and Ms. Serious But I Don’t Like Sports.

Another SportCenter gem, this time with the Xavier “Blue Blob” beating Hall of Famer Jim Kelly…

So there you have it. One reason to love sports. Maybe I’ll talk the LA Chamber Orchestra into having a mascot. Sticky, the baton? MadHasset, the rogue stand? Spike, the lethal endpin? Ok I’ll stop now.

*And aviation. And cats.