It’s been a crazy week. I was lucky that I could count on Lucy to fill in for me, there. I have 3 days until the book editing party, and I still have to take a bunch more pictures and bolster some chapters. Before I can do that, I have to teach today and tomorrow, go to a farewell party, watch some playoff basketball, continue with my Italian lessons (thanks, CG!) and file a police report in Hollywood. Some dude didn’t like me beeping at him after he sat through 2 green arrows, so he put his car in reverse and slammed into me. Ah, Los Angeles. It pretends to be civilized. Oh, and I also have to send out the CDs of my playlist. It’s made, just not duplicated and addressed. Soon! Buy tickets to Rome, get a hotel room and rental car, organize CelloFest 2009, take my car to the shop


I’m going to have a cup of tea now. Be back soon. Ciao.