It has been a nightmarish week (my weeks run Thurs-Mon), full of last minute cancellations, which were followed by strongly worded emails about my lesson policy, which were followed by aggressive responses or sheepish apologies, which were followed by multiple students quitting in an exciting variety of manners (my favorite was the huffy email, but that’s just me) followed by the silver lining: two of my favorite erstwhile students returned to my roster after many months away. Still, I feel a little beat up, especially since I have not played for a week in an effort to stave off any serious injury to my left arm, taking away my most direct connection to zen.

From my website’s email inbox:

I just have to tell you that your posts amuse the crap out of me and give me hope at the same time. I’ve played cello from third through twelfth grade I’m at the point where I’m trying to decide whether or not I’m crazy enough to even attempt pursuing cello through college (and then I remind myself that I haven’t actually had time to pick up my cello in the last two months) or if I should just leave the music-making to the pros. But your writing about professionals having a hard time made me feel like it might just be possible for me to pull it off…or at least take a few classes at a university without completely humiliating myself.
That was a round-about way of saying that I thoroughly enjoy your blog and thanking you for making me feel like there’s hope for me yet.

I am so ready for this week.