I am planning the initial master class/private lesson tour, and in order to make it happen, I would like a few things:

1) a point person in each stop to help bring people in, even if just to watch. General help coordinating is appreciated!

2) 3 paying participants in each city (I’m working out the cost, but it won’t be too extravagant).

3) Dates of absolute non-availability.

This first swing should be in the lower half of the US, in February. I am toying with the idea of driving out and flying back or vice-versa. It is a huge hassle to deal with the cello and the TSA and the full sized beauty products I always manage to have on my person as carry-on! So anywhere between LA and Miami is fair game, with perhaps the exception of the most southern part of TX. Please email me through my site, or respond in the comments section here.

With any luck, the second swing will take me north, through the slushy Midwest and Eastern US. March or April, I hope.

*Illustration by Matt Eastwood