I have talked big and small game about doing a swing out to a few cities for master classes and private lessons. This time, I think I’ll actually go to the trouble to make it happen. My thought is Midwest to New York to DC. Where and when are the issues. It might be good to do something in January, but I worry about snow and the inconvenience of having to travel in it. Should I wait until March or April? Then there’s where. I might do something in MD for the DC portion. I like Hagerstown and Columbia so far. For NY, I was planning on going slightly upstate, although if we can find a place (maybe Hunter College will rent me a nice sized room?) in Manhattan, I am happy to oblige. As for the Midwest, I want to split distance differences between the Ohio Gang and the Minnesota Gang, unless one faction is willing to travel farther. Chicago might be a nuclear option. 3 days in each place, with a day of master class and another day or two for private instruction. I’m hoping for just 3 or 4 participants for each city, with perhaps a few curious onlookers as well. What say you?