Yesterday, it was particularly edifying to play each group of 3 twice, since the universal fingering works in handfuls of 3. So it goes (using D maj as an example, slurring 3) D E F#, D E F#, shift G A B, G A B, shift, etc. It emphasizes the feeling of being in position, which is a key to accurate, relaxed playing. So make sure your arm doesn’t make a wild swing when you go for 4th finger, or when you move back to 1, on the way down. This pattern works perfectly on the major keys, and is possible, but a little bockety for the melodic minor, because the intervals change on the way down.

By Friday, those still on the wagon should notice the “shrinking” phenomenon. The more often you play over the range of the cello, the smaller and more controllable it feels.