I am certain that these crazy backyard gyrations are scaring Grey away, but I had a little bit of success today. Still not been able to even attempt a handstand near the wall, but I managed to hold my very first open-air attempt this afternoon for about 4 seconds. Enough time to say, “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!!”, and then flail a bit on the way down. My goal is to be able to hold the pose for 30 seconds and then manage a graceful dismount. More soon. Empathy with fearful students=6 on a scale of 1-10.

Edit, 20 minutes later: I just went up against the wall! My form must be really crappy, because my ears are ringing and my eyes are bloodshot. Still..I have been taking yoga classes off and on for 10 years, and have never been able to hold myself up like I did today. And I have the purple face to prove it. Empathy remains at level 6, because once you do what you think you’re afraid of, you’re left knowing how much harder you’ll have to work to get good at it.