There will be an audition practice update soon, too. But I thought you’d like to know where our little muffin is.

He pees and poops in the box now. Victory is mine! Started doing it the 2nd day. I never thought I would be so happy at something so stinky. He also takes his antibiotics like a trooper, mushed up with some baby food, and eats everything we give him. Last night, he meowed! Or sang. Not the sort of plaintive maooooo of pain or some other discomfort. This was more, “Uh, guys? I am so bored!” I made him a box tunnel and he sometimes shuffles around in there, but mostly it’s behind the G D washing machine with his brethren, the dust bunnies, who are also feral.

Our next adventure involves taking those drains out. There are a number of mobile vets, and depending on the read I get from them, I will either have them sedate the guy so we can take him back to the original surgeon, or have them do it on the spot. I am torn, because the hospital is pretty high-end, and I know their work. The downside is that Grey will then go through the whole car ride/carrier/humans suck deal on the way home, and I don’t want to stress him any more than he already is. I like the idea of him waking up in the laundry room with a fuzzy feeling but not much more. It will be great to see him without tubes, that’s for sure.

EDIT, 28 April: Grey’s tubes came out today. Mobile Vet came and handled him with such gentle care that we didn’t even need to sedate the fuzzy kid. As he held him in a towel, he encouraged us to give him some rubs, and it was nice to see his eyes soften into something other than a terrified glare. We moved the washer and dryer feet away from the wall, and without his usual place to hide he now sits atop the wine fridge, a little worried, but doing ok. He sure is a soft little guy. Pictures coming soon.