I had the the Stahlhammer endpin taken out and replaced it with a deadly-looking, lesser-angled tungsten carbide one. If any of you out there are considering a new endpin, I cannot say enough good things about this bad boy! No more rattle. Lighter instrument. More precise intonation on the C string. (Eric Benning said that a number of people have reported this improvement) Stabs into any surface. I punctured some unsuspecting marble the other day.

What? It was looking at me funny.

Anyway, it was about $150, parts and labor, and I had little trouble adjusting from the 28 degree angle of the Stahlhammer to the 8 degrees of this one. Which is handy, because the cello that I am going to have made for me (eeeee! custom geekage!) will have the same thing. More on that as soon as my current cello finds a new home….