I have written a book. A cello technique book, to be specific. It’s sort of a manual for the technical aspects of the instrument, and I have been submitting it, one publisher at a time, for review. Yesterday, I came home to an ominous package that I immediately recognized as my manuscript, bereft of a book deal, from Oxford University Press. But when I opened the enclosure, there was a letter saying that they liked a lot of things, but that they wanted a much larger book, and gave me an example of a book that fit their criteria. Not 100% rejection, but in definite need of radical change.

So I turn to you guys. Should I take my 60 page manual and turn it into a 200 page tome? I have this fear about a large volume because:

1) that means it will cost more
2) people might be scared off if it looks text-y
3) it’s meant to go on a music stand

But I respect OUP, and I could easily bolster my existing content. Would you buy a chubby cello book? What would you like it to address? Perhaps I will put the table of contents and a sample chapter up for your perusal later this week.

Thanks so much to everyone who is reading and sharing my blog. It is meaningful to me, and I appreciate the traffic and input!