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So I’m new to the area and the GoogleMaps app on the iPhone wasn’t cutting it when I would miss a turn or there would be an unexpected closure, etc. As a stop-gap between getting a full on Garmin, I downloaded the...

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Memorial Day

Someone whom I respect and care very much for said about Memorial Day, “It really has no meaning for me at all.”I had my jaw sewn back on before she could turn around to see it hanging completely agape. I’ll...

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Mark to Market

Actual tweet from a college football player, whose name I will keep to myself:”I do not want to go to school.”As a rabid consumer of college football and active Twitter-er*, I follow lots of “student...

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Identity Crisis

This is partly my fault. But still!Over the past few weeks, I have had numerous students insinuate that I am not a cellist, but only a cello teacher. This bizarre contradiction sometimes makes me laugh. Yesterday however, I...

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A question of priority

I’ve devoted numerous posts to jackassery. Students, musicians, massage threrapists, clamshell packaging, my own personal flailings. (flailing does not necessarily equal failing, but it sure looks dorky) I’ve even...

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