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Report from the field

Day 2 (my last) of Cosi Fan Tutte: “some assembly required” is upon us. I spaced and forgot my USB cable, so none of the nicer real camera photos are going to be up until I get back to Brooklyn at the earliest....

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Tour details!

In case you’re not on the epic GoogleWave I’ve created to coordinate the tour and are interested in taking a lesson in either DC/Baltimore or Atlanta, here is the sign up sheet. DC dates are March 1-5, Atlanta is...

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Leaving Los Angeles, at dawn.Palm Springs wind farm. Somewhere in the tail end of Arizona or the beginning of New Mexico. This turned into a real hum-dinger.Just outside of Las Cruces. I had a big thing here about life, and...

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once more, with feeling

I have talked big and small game about doing a swing out to a few cities for master classes and private lessons. This time, I think I’ll actually go to the trouble to make it happen. My thought is Midwest to New York to...

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