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  So I moved to Minneapolis. My heart is still sore from leaving my DC students and colleagues (heck, I still miss my LA folks every. single. day.) but I’m immersing myself in the business at hand until the ache is...

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On being sure-footed

Traveling with Lucy the WonderCat has been an adventure. I’m sure she’ll tell you all about it when she gets her typewriter back. Anyway, as a loyal JetBluer, I went out to get the “Jet Paws” pet carrier in accordance with their...

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I shed the first of what are sure to be many tears today as I reflected on one particular student’s journey. My strength as a teacher (and possibly as a human) is the same as my greatest weakness:  I invest deeply in...

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It's official.

I’m moving to DC in July! More info as I get it. It’s not too soon to contact me for lessons: After my first course at Hopkins in mid-July, I’m going to have August nearly free. Although this was not a simple...

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Back to LA, for now

Today is my last day in Atlanta. It was strange to watch the Oscars more than a few miles from the Kodak Theatre, but that’s something I’ll have to get used to if I am planning on making the move to DC this summer....

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