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Home before I know it.

Back in Rome again, with some random pictures from my week in Cacciano. Here’s Davi, a new friend. Looking down on the old castle streets. Everything they say about the Tuscan light is true. The lovely Rocio, about to play...

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Postcards from the terrace

So far, so good, friends. The program I am taking part in is run by Mimi Zweig, the esteemed (yet not at all stuffy) professor of violin at Indiana University, along with piano/chamber music colossus Jeannette Koekkoek, a close...

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due giorni

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I recently asserted (after a long period of not much tweeting) that my life is on fire. And indeed it is. I’ll have more details later in the fall, but for the next two...

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