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Mendelssohn vs. Me, round 1

Here I am, risking a little bit of my pride to show you the practice process behind what will become a very good Mendelssohn excerpt at some point. I figure that part of the strength of this blog is a willingness to lift up the...

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Oniony practice

There are many ways in which practice, especially as a rumored professional, evokes the oniony images.First off, it makes you cry.ha.What I’m after today are the peeling layers, ever-emergent, even at this stage. With a...

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Auditioning, "Oops" edition.

The audition pieces are chosen for very specific reasons. They want to see you hold down a sense of time when rushing is what feels good, they want to see huge flexibility in dynamic range, tone quality and color, intonation,...

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I’m taking some auditions around town in a month or two, so that means more than ever, routine and repetition rule my life. I love it: the sense of purpose and direction, the hours that seem to disappear, the wondering...

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