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a quick note

I’ve been largely away from the blog, but starting in June, I hope to be up to an improved version of my old tricks, with lots of content (that will be better organized and nicer to look at) and opportunities to connect...

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Veterans Day 2015

War is seldom justified, and guaranteed to result in at least as much inhumanity as politico-branded triumph and righteousness. On this Veterans Day, I do not celebrate war, or the mechanisms that cause it, nor the facile...

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  So I moved to Minneapolis. My heart is still sore from leaving my DC students and colleagues (heck, I still miss my LA folks every. single. day.) but I’m immersing myself in the business at hand until the ache is...

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feel the burn

  I’ve been playing twice a day for about twenty minutes each sitting. It hurts afterward, but so does PT, so I figure as long as it doesn’t linger too long, I’m safe. I savor every note, and am grateful...

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