Author: Emily Wright

Pre-op post, illustrated with help from LOTR

I just got off the phone with the preop nurse at Hopkins. On Monday morning around 4am, I will drink the permitted 8oz. of Gatorade and then we shall set off into the predawn, arriving in Baltimore no later than 5:30. I will be nervous, because it is the biggest surgery I have had, because a lot is on the line, and because I see stars and list to the side whenever an IV has to be inserted. They will start giving me medication and fluids, and then I will feel less nervous and more assertively sleepy. I don’t...

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breathing, part 1: the foundation of basically everything

  If you’re one of my students, you’ll be familiar with me barking “breathe!” from time to time, or more subtly encouraging respiration with an exaggerated sigh of my own, hoping you follow suit. Although it may seem silly to focus on this elementary stuff while the hands are being asked to do such extraordinary things, breathing is as essential to technique and musicality as it is to staying alive, itself. Breathing Basics Physiologically speaking, breathing brings oxygen into the body and flushes out carbon dioxide. The mechanism seems simple: the diaphragm contracts and causes the ribs to move...

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