Author: Emily Wright

stark raving retrofit

Gah, remember that page? So many things have changed since the founding of this blog 12 years ago, including the way I think about playing, teaching, and learning. It’s actually a little painful to go back through some of the things I wrote back then, full of swagger and a desire to feel relevant and understood. I suppose it’s a better option than being impervious to arrogance and resistant to growth, but oh, these twinges of embarrassment are persistent as I revisit these ramblings. Why was I re-reading in the first place? I’ve had many people suggest that I...

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focus on: why PT sometimes doesn’t help, plus slides from the CU lecture

I just started PT at the Jackson Clinics in Old Town, where the difference between it and previous PT shops I’ve worked with is astonishing. With the exception of the care I got at Courage Kenny in MN (second to none, no holds barred), PT had never been noticeably helpful for me, for a few reasons: my body was not physically in the correct configuration, so the exercises only made things worse, the wrong muscles actually strengthening while the ones that were supposed to be working remained under the radarthe sessions were business transactions. 30 minutes, in and out,...

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focus on: at-home prevention and treatment

I’ll do a more substantial update on TOS and my most recent surgery, which was a two-level disc replacement in my cervical spine on April 3. But for today, I’d like to offer a few things I’ve picked up over the last decade that are low-risk and high reward for nearly everybody, and especially people who play musical instruments or spend a long time in front of a computer. There are a couple pieces of kit required for the most effective results, but don’t rush to Amazon! If you’re not someplace terribly remote, hit Marshalls/Ross/your favorite discount shop and...

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