Author: Emily Wright

send me your problems!

Everyone has reacted to the changes brought about by covid-19 differently. Many of my musical colleagues have become prolifically creative; the sudden confinement and lack of performance outlets funneling their energies into new compositions and inventive self-accompanied recordings. I, on the other hand, have felt quiet and reflective: my Popper practice in particular has become a sacred ritual as the dreams of founding a music camp for adult learners have been put on hold. Things are still moving forward. Filings are being made. Boards of directors, slowly chosen. Names, signed on applications. In the meantime, I thought it might...

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next stop: Geneva

Geneva, New York is situated at the top of one of the famous Finger Lakes, so named because, well, look at the picture below. Zooming in a little further, Geneva (named for its resemblance to the one in Switzerland) is parked right at the north end of Seneca Lake, about an hour from Syracuse to the east and Rochester to the north and west. My hope is to have a nonprofit set up in the next month or two, and an advisory group of interested and experienced folks to counsel me on next steps and best practices for the...

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To get to my accommodations in the unincorporated town of Temmile, I took two flights: DC to MSP, MSP to PDX. I landed around 8pm, went to the wrong rental car place (twice), and was routed, terrified, around the shipping containers and dark warehouses that surround the airport. A downpour at night is not the ideal circumstance under which to get to know an unfamiliar car. It is today, 5 days in, that I fully grasp the fevered imaginings of Subaru engineers and their total misunderstanding of the way people expect to use windshield wipers. After 4 hours of...

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