Hey all: it’s been a ghost town around here of late. Sure, I’m working on a giant post about breathing, and also have a good chunk of the next book in the hopper, but the reality is that I’ve been struggling with this chronic pain stuff. I’m going from PT person to chiropractor to sports massage, and the only thing that is definite is they all drain my bank account. I know hopelessness doesn’t do the body any good, but my reserves are on low, my friends.

So I turn to you: what’s going on in your world? How’s your practice? Have you learned something you think is worth sharing? Even if it’s something small? I would love to hear from you, and if you’d like, you can even write a guest post if you want to share with the couple thousand folks who regularly scan this page.

My heart could really use some good news and cello-y inspiration! Comment or email me: contact (at) emilywright (dot) net.