Summer leaves the student musician with two options.


1. Get completely rusty and sound like Dorky McDorkersons come September.




2. Be completely invigorated and sound like RockStar McAwesomepants come September.


Like Black Sheep said: the choice is yours.


Just a few summer music opportunities for kids:

Levine School Music and Arts day camp (DC)

Aspen Music festival* (CO)

Gold Coast Music festival (CA)

UMD Youth Music camp (MD/DC)

New York Summer Music festival (NY)

UNC Greensboro Music camp (NC)

Idyllwild Arts* (CA)

Interlochen* (MI)

Ithaca (multiple programs, NY)

 Philadelphia International Music festival (multiple programs, PA)


Sampling of summer music opportunities for adults:

Interlochen Adult camps (MI)

Fairbanks Summer Arts festival (AK)

Rocky Ridge (CO)

SummerTrios (PA)

Crowden (CA)


Of course this is not comprehensive. Feel free to include submissions in the comments section. Most programs have registration that closes in April.


*for advanced students only