Just thought I would share the top 5 most awful and outrageous things I’ve ever gotten via the emilywright.net inbox/YouTube. Most are edited for obvious reasons.


5. “Everything you play sounds like a Duport étude. You suck. Stop making videos, and stop sighing so much!”

4. “You are the worst cellist on the internet.” (clearly this person has not looked very hard)

3. “Die you ****! You have **** coming out of your **** and your mother is ******* a *** and a ******. Die die die.”

2. “Your voice makes me vomit and you are arrogant beyond measure.”

1. “My teacher says you’re a hack.”


That last one is the only one that still stings. I wonder if it’s true. I wonder who the teacher is. I wonder what context that comment took place in. What a hum-dinger, though, right?  Still, I get so many great comments from students and other professionals that it’s worth it.


But only just.