Leaving Los Angeles, at dawn.

Palm Springs wind farm.

Somewhere in the tail end of Arizona or the beginning of New Mexico.

This turned into a real hum-dinger.

Just outside of Las Cruces.

I had a big thing here about life, and directions, and all sorts of furrowed brow type things. Too much for this morning. Instead, I’ll tell you that I am drinking rocket-fuel coffee, enjoying the tiny shampoos, and absent-mindedly watching the end of Sabrina. It kills me: they had to try to make Julia Ormond look homely, so what do they do?

Stick some glasses on her. Ah well. Nicole Kidman earned some cred with me when she started wearing glasses to the Oscars.

These amazing mountains are right outside my door, so I’m going to get ready and then see if my meagre photography skills can do them any kind of justice. But if the pictures make them look too picturesque, I’ll just do what the pros do: stick some glasses on them.