That would be the observation area at Van Nuys Airport. It’s a place I go about once a week to check out the planes, fantasize about starting lessons again, clear my mind, and generally geek out. I got lucky the other day. Check the progression:

Bzzzzz, bzzzzzzz. Cessna 172. I see this guy all the time. Today it was all touch and go with a few fly-overs of the field.

What’s that noise?

! ! !

Boeing 737! On the same taxiway the little 172 used not 5 minutes earlier! Checked who they were on FlightAware, and it’s “confidential”. *eyebrow*

The First Officer waved at me. In a town full of movie stars, I swoon for second-in-commands.

What the h……?

OMG it’s the Albatross! You can practically hear the noise from the blog, can’t you?

I watched them rehab this bad boy over at Whiteman for years, nursing a crush for anything with radial engines. It’s a seaplane. A really, really loud seaplane. Check him out in action here.

A clip from one of my top 10 all-time favorite movies, 16 Right, so named after the heavily traversed long right hand runway at Van Nuys.

For an unexpected good time especially with kids, go to your local General Aviation Airport and watch some planes.