I went to the tax guy last week. After reviewing my finances, he advised me to “go to school and learn some real skills” to ameliorate the situation. My first instinct was to go home, open up my in-progress Glossary of Commonly Used Terms here on SRCB and make a new entry under “A” (if you know what I mean). But then I realized two things. First, what kind of artist lives a life unimpeded? What kind of person, period, is never judged, maligned, misunderstood, or ridiculed? Especially by people who know nothing of the nuts and bolts of our particular existence? To quote Mr. T, I pity the fool. The second thing is that I really do have to be careful to keep things in balance. It is true that I live a pretty extraordinary life. But one cannot pay the bills with sunshine, happiness, and a blog full of advice to myself (which is what this is, in case you haven’t caught that yet). So I went out and got QuickBooks to track stuff, decided at last to self-publish and contacted BookSurge, and will enroll in a bow repair seminar this summer. In order to lead the swashbuckling life of someone who does what they love for a living you must, in trade for that luxury, maximize every effort and seek out every last lead. Due diligence, meet common sense.

So how’s everybody’s pinky finger? Whipping up a post about that lil’ guy soon. Two entries so far in the contest, as of this morning.