Once again, JetBlue comes through in the clutch. Not only were they friendly and helpful, but they thought it would be safer to just take the flight case off and seat my cello next to me in the cabin. The TSA people were also amazing and made me feel like I was a regular passenger as opposed to some terrorist suspect with a clearly deadly weapon…a cello. I am thrilled with my decision to fly JetBlue. Many thanks to Tom Berg at Long Beach Airport.

Those are oil tankers and cargo ships coming into the port. This was taken about 1 minute into the flight.

I compulsively follow the map thing. That was hard to do, considering the 4 channels of ESPN (including reports from the NFL Combine!!) they offered me onboard.

I decided to cruise up Congress St, to check out the capitol building. Here’s a picture from last night:

Today, I just had to check out the famed Longhorns’ stadium. It did not fail to impress. The thing is just huge! Huge, I say! (I know, I know, it’s Texas)

I was a little scared of it, so I went to the local TexanMart for some Lone Star beer to calm my nerves. No students today=beer with lunch. Excellent. I was struck by the beauty of Lady Bird lake, which is pretty close to my hotel. If my knee was in better shape, I would be well tempted to walk around it. Next time, I hope.

Next time I post should be from Dallas/Arlington, where I am scheduled to do a master class with one of Dr. Morrow’s students, a teen who is playing Allegro Appassionato, and Stephen McKimmey, a reader who is vigilantly doing battle with the Prelude to Bach’s 3rd Suite.