For most of us, the bow is troublesome. The mechanics of grip and arm movement seem to have endless possibilities to vex us, and tension is a serious obstacle. So I say January is going to be Bow Month here on SRCB. Send me pictures of your bow grip, and tell me whether it works or not. If it needs work, we’ll check it out. If you made a change for the better, tell me how, and I’ll post it and share it, or if you want to post it on your own blog, I’ll link to it.

And if you’re wondering, my bow grip works. But it took a long time for it to be reliable, relaxed and effective. I think it was a year after I had graduated from college that the thing settled in…basically, when I started teaching full-time. The change I made had as much to do with my arm as my hand, and the end result is a highly rotated hand and an absolutely flat wrist. My grip is such that my pinky doesn’t really touch the bow very much, unless I am on the C string at the frog. My thumb is curved and the thumbnail is parallel to the floor, which is another function of the rotation. I also have a rule that the elbow should always be slightly higher than the wrist.

So, does your bow grip work?